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Feedlot Information

The feedlot is located on a rolling clay based soil.  The lagoons are constructed with a series of settling basins which drain into six large lagoons.  Dry manure is scraped from the settling basins and pens.  Then spread on area farm ground used by Weborg's or their neighbors.  Manure is spread in order to use its nutrient value.  Soil testing and manure scheduling are done to ensure the best utilization of the manure.  Water from the lagoons is pumped through a central pivot system for irrigation purposes in the spring, summer, and fall months.  The feedlot and lagoons are DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) permitted. 


Weborg Feeding use locally grown corn and hay in our feed ration.  We also use silage, haylage, earlage, distillers grain from local processing plants.  There are also commercially manufactured products used. 


In addition to the feedlot, Weborgs farm nearly 5,000 acres.  A combination of corn, soybeans and alfalfa are grown on this land for use in the feedlot.


We are a private as well as a custom cattle feeding operation.


We have a great team working at the feedlot and currently have 25 employees.  We also have several customers feeding cattle at our facility.


Weborg Feeding Company believes in producing the best and most economical products for our customer.  Only top quality feed is used by our feedlot.  The feedlot is a certified member of the Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance program.


The feedlot and farming operations conforms to all local, state, and federal laws.  We have built and operated our business to be socially and environmentally friendly.  We use the latest in equipment and technology to help give us the best results.  The following is a list of consultants which we have hired to advise us in the best methods to accomplish our goals, as well as our customer's goals.


Consulting Veterinarian: PAC (Production Animal Consultation)      PAC website


Consulting Nutritionist: Dr. Todd Milton


Consulting Accountant:  BKD Advisors


Consulting Agronomist: Mark Wooldrik


Consulting Enviromental Engineer:  Dean Settje


Manure Management:  Andy Scholting

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