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About Us

Weborg Feeding Company is a family operation that was Co-founded in 1972 by three brothers, Kent, Craig, Brian, and their late father, Curtis on the outskirts of Pender, Nebraska.  The family tradition has since grown adding Kent's two sons Tyler and Tony, two of Craig's sons Adam and Alex.  The feedlot began operation with 500 head of cattle.  Since that time the feedlot has expanded to a 25,000-head capacity.  We also farm close to 5,000 acres with a combination of corn, soybeans, and alfalfa for the feedlot use.  There are also many local operations that provide us with corn, hay, distillers grain and other commodities.  Our location is a major factor in the feedlot industry.  We are located 90 miles northwest of Omaha Nebraska.  There are four packing plants within 100 miles of the feedlot.


Cattle Operations

The welfare of the cattle at our facility is our top priority.  Our employees are BQA certified to ensure proper handling of cattle. The experienced cowboy crew makes daily horseback checks of each pen to ensure proper health of the animals.  Upon arrival each group of cattle gets processed based off regimens set up by our consulting staff.  These regimens are based off type of cattle and weight, which includes vaccines, dewormers and implants.  The cattle are fed two to three times daily a specific formulated ration to ensure performance and efficiency.  The consumption is monitored daily.  To maximize production our consulting veterinarians and nutritionist visit the yard regularly to ensure cattle are receiving their proper formulated diets and health standards.  We take pride in our yard maintenance; the yards are regularly maintained to ensure the health of the cattle.  After the cattle are shipped to the packing house, we analyze close-out reports.  We look for the performance in average daily gain, feed conversion, yield grade and overall carcass data. 

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